September 29, 2004 - CJ is nine months old today. He now weighs fourteen pounds and nine ounces. He had a checkup today and is doing really good in his development. He continues to be more observant every day and will try and stand if you hold him up. With a little more leg strength he should be standing in the next few months. He got a new walker today and loves it. He continues to lean new words. Sometimes even surprises us. With everything he has gone through it is amazing that he is about the happiest baby you've ever seen.

September 6, 2004 - CJ continues to do really well. He's extremely observant of everything going on. He imitates sounds and has started forming his first words.  He hasn't been weighed lately but should be approaching fourteen pounds. He has a physical therapist helping with his development. We thought he was catching a cold but found he has inherited the family's allergy problems.

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